McDonalds Commercial

We all know that black people are cooler than we are.  Well, McDonalds has confirmed it with its marketing campaign and branding over the past several years:



I mean, how obvious can you get? The dad might have forgotten that he was cool at some point, but his kid reminds him with his rad dance moves. Then they all dance and eat McDonalds together. But there are more subtle ones.



Wow. Again, the musical theme, but this time the black lady is rolling her eyes at the nerdy people. She just came to enjoy share a drink metaphorical to the color of her people with her two white friends at an ethnic restaurant representational of her culture, and who does she see? Internet sensations Cleary and Harding pounding on the table. If it were just some weird hipsters making noise in a fast food restaurant, it might be uncouth, but the black lady says it’s ok. You go, white people.



These black people are so rich and black that they prefer a Big Mac to a fancy dinner.



The black person in this commercial was so embarrassed by the white hicks featured therein that he only allowed them to film his hand picking up some french fries. These white folks aren’t just white, they’re white with a hint of cannibalism. It’s even white fish! The black guy was smart to avoid the deliverance cast reunion and film his part from a studio.



Notice that while all the white and asian people in these commercials are spending their time on silly things like dead end relationships and weather reports, the only black guy is buying a cool car. A cool American car. You Frenchies and communists can spend all the time you want jabbering about boyfriends and getting crappy apartments to live out your stupid young people fantasies, the mature adult is going to save our economy and rid our cinemas of french movies, just to be safe. The rest of y’all are the Egg McMuffins of communism.



“Ooh, look at me. I’m married and even though my wife is a stereotypical misunderstanding shrew who wants me to do something with her on the weekends instead of waste away in front of the tv like our lazy (probably white) friends, I’m smart enough agree with her without vocally disagreeing with my friend, and then take a big casual bite of my breakfast burrito. Look at this wedding band motherfucker!”



Yeah, I couldn’t find an unedited version, but it’s too good not to share.


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