What a Teenager

In the effort to write more, I’m going to publish more drivel.  Drivel?  I’m also going to stop looking things up.

  • As I was buying organic food for Genevieve’s cat, the clerk at QFC said “you must have a very special cat.”
  • As I was walking into the office, Phil Andrews commented “Charles, your jeans are very skinny.”

I guess one of the reasons my blog entries tend to be whiny and emotional is because when I feel relatively happy and well-adjusted I don’t have much to say.  Everything is either Genevieve, or work, and both are kind of strange topics to discuss on the web.  How boring.

I also say terms like “the web” more frequently.

One of the strange things about dating Genevieve is that my family seems to have really adopted her as “my girlfriend” in a way previous entries hadn’t been considered.  When I was at my parents house for dinner this past weekend, Amelia was lecturing on where the entire family usually sits when we have dinner together, and she noted where Genevieve usually sits (actually, as she has dined with Genevieve once, she noted where Genevieve sits 100% of the time).  Maybe she’s just at the age where she notices that I have a girlfriend.  Or maybe I’m in an actual relationship for the first time in a long time.

I realized that my job offers two floating holidays per year, so I have decided to spend them playing Skyrim.


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