The Marcel Marceau Robot

In the months since posting here, I’ve done many things.  Most of them involve chasing Genevieve’s cat around.  But there are a few other discoveries and experiences I’ve been meaning to keep a log of:

  1.  Highline, a bar on Capitol Hill, has two things that are very satisfying.  One is a Mickey’s “Hand Grenade,” a small, green, rotund bottle of malt liquor that tastes like bad beer and has visual puzzles printed on the underside of its twist-off cap.  The Mickey’s “Hand Grenade” is a perfect chaser for the other satisfying thing at the Highline, a shot made with Habanero infused Tequila.  It makes me feel like my ears are running.
  2. There’s nothing better than walking home hungover at 11 in the morning and bemoaning the fact that you have nothing to eat in your apartment because a trip to the store sounds like the worst, most vomit-inducing activity you could possibly take part in and then discovering that you in fact have cheez-its, and that they are not only cheez-its, but white cheddar cheez-its, the pinnacle of all that is cheez-it.
  3. If you go to Las Vegas, even if everything is paid for by your company and you take great care not to gamble outside of your means or eat fancy food, you will still lose $300.
  4. The next time you have a Halloween party, you should have your apartment dress up as an apartment that is decorated for Christmas, because apartments never get to dress up, and everyone likes Christmas.
I’m in the company band.

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