on the far side

In reverse order:

I was dating someone for a few months. Now I am not.

On the morning that Beth broke up with me (this morning, to be exact), I went to work and someone had stuck a post-it note to my computer screen. It read, “have confidence!”

Jen got two years of posts, Meghan got several months of posts. Beth gets those two sentences. That’s all I’m allowing myself. It was short-lived, often fun, often frustrating, and probably insignificant. I hope it was insignificant. That’s all I’m allowing myself.

This blog is often about girls I’m thinking about, but more precisely it is about my outlook on life, which I feel is in constant flux.

When I was talking to Beth, the night before she broke up with me, she was upset because she was unsure about her career path I told her “this is America, choose who you want to be and then be that person. Don’t go to grad school because you feel that it will get you a job, go if you want the job that requires grad school to achieve.” She didn’t quite understand.

I am increasingly convinced that to achieve something, you have to put forth effort, specifically, effort targeted toward the thing you want to achieve. I hope that doesn’t make me a Republican.

I got a package in the mail a couple of days before Christmas in a box that said “I love flat” on the top. It contained Korean candy, Korean tuna fish, and a book with blank pages.

I went to Jen’s for New Year’s Eve. That was awkward and horrifying and delightful all at the same time. Just how my life should be.


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