South Korea, Part 3

Love Love Love.

I love signs.  A phallic bottle of chili sauce hugging itself.  A bar called “Boobi Boobi” and another bar called “BM Factory.”  The Bucheon World Intangible Cultural Heritage Expo (much better than a Tangible Cultural Heritage Expo).  A “Young Guy Competition.”  Slightly warped Americanism love.  Manifest Destiny love.

I love curved surfaces.  A common shape in Korean sculpture/architecture is a kind of half-football shape, knifing up into the sky like a giant tooth.  Buildings.  Sculptures in the park.  Four large, carved stone buttons.  Two giant, megaphone-recalling cones.  Representational art love.  Post-modernism love.

I love products.  Seoul milk.  Tiny yogurt drinks.  I love people.  The crowd of Koreans giggling at us as we try to order Mandoo with some sort of spicy sauce and rice cakes at midnight.  I love public transportation.  Ending up in some place called “Digital Plaza.”  Taking subways back and forth until I happen onto the correct one.  James Baldwin love.  Stranger in the Village Love.

I love extra days.  I love Korean canned tuna.  I love pungency.

“It seems like you’re not attracted to me anymore.”

“I’m not.”



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