Amelia’s Birthday – September 8.  We celebrate on Labor Day with dinner at the Anderson household.  Memorable moments include the chocolate mousse cake and the following exchange:

Amelia:  You’re going to Korea?  Why?

Me:  I’m going to visit a friend.

Amelia:  Is it a girl?

Me: Yes

Amelia:  Is it Jenny?

Me: No.

My mom:  Meghan

Amelia:  Who?

Say Something Charity Event – September 11

I am the “bouncer/moneytaker” at an event organized by my sister and her self-promoting photographer friend (I only link because I am featured) in which rich people pay exorbitant amounts of money to stand in a room and drink.  Max shows up with a friend.  The following partly imaginary exchange occurs as the night is winding down:

Max: You don’t have anything better to do than to hang out here?

Me: I’m going out later

Max: Who is he?

Me: (imagined) Oh, a gay joke, that’s funny, except for you’re the one of us that showed up here with another guy.

Me: (actual) Ha


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