This is a bridge

I’m hiring.  I’m hiring.  The company allowed me to interview some internal candidates for the position of “do some of the things Charles does.”

First draft of the job description:  “Non-male.  Non-ugly.”

That quickly turned into “Non-antisocial. Non-stupid.” as I realized most of our internal candidates that would want to be paid this little aren’t very well qualified for anything.

During one of the interviews, my boss (whose name is Jon Abbe but to whom I refer as the clever anagram “Babe”) says to an interviewee “what do you find yourself keep getting drawn to when working?” and then goes on to describe, for example, his love for solving puzzles.

I typed “anagram” into Google just now to make sure I was using the correct word (I get anagram and acronym confused, sometimes).  It comes back Did you mean: nag a ram? Clever, clever Google.

Mekdes (interviewee) thinks for a moment and then says a lot of things, but the thing that sticks in my mind is “What excites me about my future is working hard for something and then succeeding.”

I’m simultaneously thinking about it as she responds.  I think I’d say “I want to say something that is both thought provoking and unique.”  I’m not sure if I’d hire me.

“What is a date but a job interview that lasts all night?” – Jerry Seinfeld

This is a day, one of many days, in which I am confronted with the fact that I – in one perspective – have less to offer than someone else.  High degree of difficulty be damned, I have less to offer.  There is something wrong with me that is not wrong with someone else.


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