It will shock you how much this will have never happened

The sign on the door at Joule (new restaurant in Wallingford): Open: 5 pm to close.

“There’s a fine line between denial and faith.  It’s much better on my side.” – Rose, Lost.

Lost held my rapt attention until around episode 20 of season 1.  Then it began to annoy me.  I’m sticking it out until the end of the first season to see how I feel.  I will probably get sucked in the way I did with Heroes.

I am starting to believe that televisions writers are good at producing content that is interesting because of the promise of something more, because they never fulfill that promise.  In other words, the shows are interesting because they are not very good.  In other other words, it’s easy to say “sure, I’ll give you 100 million dollars…eventually” every week as long as you keep stalling, the promise of reward is big enough that people will continue to pay attention  for a while.  When they finally realize they shouldn’t have been paying attention in the first place, it will be too late, the network already made a lot of money.

Damn, did I just ruin the metaphor?

Some people might say that the conclusion isn’t important as long as you enjoy the ride, but I care about the conclusion.  If I never get my 100 million dollars, I’m not going to say “oh well, at least I thought I was going to get 100 million dollars, that was fun.”


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