White people like Pea Coats.

White people like Frisbee Sports.

Check.  Check.

White people like appearing to enjoy Classical music.

Ummm, check.

White people like Self-Aware Hip-Hop references.

Check-check-check-check-a check-it…yes.

White people like not having a TV.


White people like 80s night.

Fuck no.

Okay, a moderately accurate (Ack-yer-it) social commentary.  Would it be offensive if it was directed at any race besides white people? Yes.  The list is funny.  The concept is, well, let’s say, charitably, “unrefined.”  The glib paragraphs seem self-deprecating and poorly though out.  But I’ll give the author a little bit of credit.

I can see Alaska from my house!

Did she actually say that?  I don’t even know anymore.  Which one is the real Sarah Palin, anyway?  The candidate?  The Tina Fey impersonation?  The broadcasted farce-portrait?

Why hasn’t anybody made a sobbing “Leave Sarah alone!” parody on YouTube yet?  Someone needs to get on that.

I’m in favor of anybody/thing that prompts people to talk more about Policy.  I’m not in favor of anybody/thing that prompts people to gossip more.  I’m not in favor of anybody/thing that causes the AP to write blatantly biased articles where a fact-based one would have sufficed.  Maybe the strategy was simply to take attention away from the issues because Americans are smart enough to not vote for policies that aren’t in their best interests, but they can’t resist juicy, juicy gossip and attractive women.  In which case the Republican party is simultaneously evil and very, very brilliant.  Which could theoretically be an accurate description of Sarah Palin.  Could be.


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