Now See Here…

On April Fools Day, Gmail advertised a tool that would allow you to change the timestamp on any message you sent.  But you could only use it 10 times per year.  I think it was ten.  Maybe it was five.

I don’t remember if I bought this CD when I was in high school or not, but I found a used copy of Stan Getz and The Oscar Peterson Trio at Half Price Books the other day and I bought it.  It might be my favorite all time jazz CD.  I guess that’s pushing it a little bit when I think of Bill Evans’ Portrait in Jazz or some of Brad Mehldau’s work.  I guess you could safely say it’s my favorite all-time jazz CD featuring a non-piano player.  Of course, it has a piano player featured prominently, the only way Oscar Peterson can ever appear, but the title artist and the one playing the melody’s of the songs is good old Stan.  And he’s fantastic.  It’s crazy that a quartet with no drummer can keep better time than many jazz combos with supposedly excellent drummers.

I don’t know what’s up with my action movie binge, but I haven’t recently had a taste for anything else lately.  Maybe it’s a decade of male movie thirst catching up with me.  I watched Ang Lee’s Hulk and J.J. Abrams’ Mission Impossible 3.  I felt a strong sense of Ang Lee from The Hulk, meaning it was excellently directed, even though I didn’t have much patience for the overindulgent writing or molassesey plot.  Nick Nolte was pretty phenomenal and made the overbearing dialogue sound almost Shakespearean in magnitude at times in how it resonated.  Mission Impossible 3 was all right.  I don’t think I can argue with anything Philip Seymour Hoffman is in, though as I say that I am quickly reminded of Along Came Polly.  It seems like somewhere in development, someone said,

“Well, the most popular parts of the first two movies were when Ethan Hunt broke into buildings using daring acrobatic feats.  How about we have that happen in this one?”

“Hey, those are always fun, how about twice?”

“Fuck that, we have some time to fill and not much in the way of plot, let’s do it three times.”

“How about four times?”

“What the hell, dude? Are you stupid or something?  Four times?  Nobody’s going to buy that.”

Which reminds me of an old Mitch Hedberg joke:

“I can’t tell you which hotel I’m staying at, but there are two trees involved.  They said, ‘let’s call this hotel something-tree.’   So they had a meeting, it was quite short.

‘Let’s call it tree’



‘Hell Yeah!’

‘I had my heart set on quadrupletree.  We were almost there.’

It might not translate as well to text.

I watched King Felix again today.  P.S. Xuan, it’s not King Feliz.  It’s not King Happy.  He is a person, not a character in The Smurfs.  He was fantastic as usual.

I am writing a lot of essays this week.


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